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3 Tricks To Help You Maintain Your Truck Shell

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Having access to a pickup truck can make hauling items more convenient. If you have items that you don't want exposed to the elements, installing a truck shell will help you keep your load dry and secure. Since most truck shells are made from fiberglass, routine maintenance is essential when it comes to keeping your shell in good condition.

Here are three tricks you can use to help you maintain your fiberglass truck shell in the future.

1. Hand wash your truck shell frequently.

Keeping your truck's shell clean will prevent dirt and debris from compromising the integrity of the fiberglass. While you may be tempted to run your truck shell through a car wash, the stiff bristles on some brushes used in conventional car washes can damage the fiberglass structure of your shell.

Taking the time to wash your shell by hand using a soft cloth and some soapy water will ensure that your shell remains usable well into the future.

2. Repair cracks as quickly as possible.

Conducting routine visual inspections of your truck shell can help you spot cracks that have started to form in the fiberglass structure. Preventing these cracks from spreading further, and repairing existing cracks, are important aspects of truck shell maintenance.

Begin by drilling a small hole at either end of the crack to prevent additional damage. Clean any dirt and debris out of the crack with a cloth, then use an epoxy resin to fill in the cracked areas (as well as the holes you drilled). Once the epoxy is fully cured, smooth out the surface with some sandpaper. Repairing minor cracks as quickly as possible will prevent them from compromising the integrity of your truck's shell.

3. Prevent cracking by storing your shell indoors.

Many fiberglass truck shells can be removed when they are not needed. If you only use your shell on an intermittent basis, it's essential that you store it properly to prevent cracking.

Extreme temperature changes can cause the fiberglass material to expand and contract. This movement often results in cracking that makes your truck shell less stable. By storing the shell indoors when you are not using it, you help to prevent the damage associated with temperature fluctuations.

Maintaining your truck's shell will help you extend the life of this fiberglass tool. Be sure that you wash your shell frequently, repair cracks quickly, and store the shell indoors to keep it in good condition for the future.

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