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Car Hauling: 4 Tips For Beginner Towing

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There comes many times in ones life where towing a vehicle becomes a necessity. Whether it be for a long trip or moving, you might find that you need to tow another vehicle behind yours. If you have never towed another vehicle before, this might seem intimidating and little scary. While towing can be dangerous, it's usually perfectly safe. To make your experience a pleasant, successful, and safe one, follow these four tips:

1. Weight Is Important

Weight is extremely important when it comes to towing another vehicle behind yours. All vehicles have a designated weight limit. If you go over the limit, the consequences may be dire. You might damage your vehicle or injure yourself. So determine what your max weight limit, or "towing rate," is and do not go over it.

2. Safety Chains Are A Must

Even if you don't think you need safety chains, you do. They provide extra safety and reassurance that what you are towing is safe. It also ensures that whatever you're towing stays attached to your vehicle. Safety chains also make it easier, and of course safer, to drive and turn corners. So don't go anywhere without using those chains.

3. Drive Safely

Whenever you are towing something, you should be extra careful while driving. As a general rule, drive slower than the speed limit. You should also allow yourself extra time to change lines, turn corners, and drive uphill. If you lose control and the car hauler behind you begins to "snake" or turn, do not hit correct it with the steering wheel. Instead, use the brakes and wait until the vehicle comes to a stop.

Additionally, make sure you are aware of your surroundings. It is easy to get distracted, but it can be fatal. So drive slow and pay attention to the road. It's always better to be safe and slow, than fast and injured.

4. Be Prepared

Finally, be prepared for issues. Despite your best efforts, you might still find yourself broken down on the side of the road. So always be prepared. Have caution cones in your vehicle. Use your hazard lights. Keep towing numbers and emergency numbers nearby or on speed dial.

Towing a car can be an exciting experience. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. If this is your first time towing anything, be sure to utilize these tips to help keep you, your vehicle, and family safe. Contact a company like Route 12 Rental Co Inc. for more information.