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3 Perks Of Having Your Toyota Repaired Through A Dealer

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Many people like Toyota vehicles because they are known for being durable. Thanks to there being so many dealerships that sell the Toyota brand, people know that they can properly maintain their Toyota vehicles with people certified to work on Toyota cars and trucks in particular. There are 3 perks to having your car repaired through a Toyota dealership that you should know about before going elsewhere.

Many Toyota Dealerships Will Shuttle You Somewhere After You Drop Off Your Vehicle

It can be a real pain trying to get a friend or neighbor to pick you up after you drop your vehicle off to be serviced. With many Toyota service centers, you'll find a shuttle service to take you wherever you need to be. If you need a lift to your place of work, they can take you there. Even if you just want to be dropped off at a place to eat or the mall, the dealership shuttle will take you there without any charge, and they will pick you up when your vehicle is done being repaired.

Many Toyota Dealerships Regularly Offer Coupons and Discounts for Their Service Center

If you purchased your Toyota through the local dealership, you will probably receive regular coupons and discount offers in the mail for maintenance and service. If you aren't getting maintenance offers, you can call the dealership from which you bought your vehicle and request coupons for your make and model of vehicle. By regularly getting your maintenance and repairs through the same service center, you can also buildup discounts and coupons through various service programs offered to Toyota owners.

Dealerships Only Carry Real Toyota Parts

One of the risks of taking your Toyota to a regular mechanic is that you won't get a Toyota part. Many mechanics will use other parts because they are less expensive; however, few parts will offer the longevity of real Toyota parts that are made specifically for a particular Toyota car. Because Toyota service centers get discounts and the best prices on Toyota parts, you can expect repairs to be less expensive to pay for. Service centers owned by a dealership will also have Toyota parts in stock, which many regular mechanics will not. They will have to be separately ordered in many cases.

It's always nice to have a few extra perks when you have to maintain your vehicle. Being able to have transportation when your vehicle is being fixed makes planning repairs easier. It's also nice to have a business that is closely connected to the manufacturer because of the available discounts and the availability parts made specifically for your model of Toyota.

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