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Explore These 3 Misconceptions about Towing Services

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While no one plans on their vehicle breaking down on them, it can happen at any point in time. It often happens when you least expect it, in the worst possible part of town. Thankfully, you can turn to a towing service to come to your rescue and get you safely out of harm's way. They will quickly get your vehicle towed to a repair shop and off the side of the road. Since many people aren't familiar with how a towing service works, they tend to misunderstand the process. Check out these common misconceptions about towing.

If you have an all-wheel drive vehicle, you need a special tow truck to accommodate it.

For those who reside somewhere with a lot of ice and snow, it only makes sense to own a vehicle with all-wheel drive. Driving one of these vehicles can help make sure you don't get stranded in a snow bank. However, many people think that it takes a special type of tow truck to tow this particular type of vehicle. That isn't the case. Just about any tow truck can tow your vehicle, without having to worry about it getting damaged in the process. The only thing that determines the tow truck needed is the size and weight of your vehicle.

Insurance companies always take care of the tow bill directly.

While you might want to assume that to be the case, oftentimes, it isn't. Being broken down on the side of the road is bad enough, but having to foot the towing bill can be even worse. Even though some insurance companies will deal with the towing company directly, that isn't always the case. You need to be prepared to pay for the cost of the tow and get reimbursed by your insurance company. Expect the refund from your insurance carrier to take a couple weeks to arrive in the mail.

Towing companies take forever to arrive on the scene.

Even though there may be situations where it can take a little bit for a towing company to arrive, most strive to get to your location within a half hour or less. In times of extreme weather conditions, you have to give them a little extra time to arrive safely to where you are located.

By knowing what to expect with a towing company like Fredericktown Marathon, you can get through your stressful situation with ease and get on the way to having your vehicle repaired in no time.