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Two Tips To Maximize Space Use In A Class B RV

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A class B RV for sale can be an excellent option for those that are wanting the freedom of a RV without needing to obtain a special license to drive it or have trouble parking it. While these are smaller than a traditional RV, this does not mean that you have to be extremely cramped when you are inside it. Following a couple of simple tips will help you to get the most from the space that you have available inside your RV. 

Install Velcro Around The Cabin

When you are driving, it is not unusual for items in the RV to get knocked around when you hit a bump or other rough patch in the road. However, this does not mean that you need boxes throughout the interior to hold these items because you can use velcro to secure items in place as opposed to placing them in storage whenever you are driving. 

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to place the velcro along the sides of the walls. By placing a patch every few feet and putting this on the loose items in the cabin, you can ensure that securing these items before driving is as simple as sticking these items to the walls. In addition to reducing the risk of  damage to your possessions, you can also maximize space by utilizing the walls of your RV. 

Use Hanging Shoe Cabinets

Another simple way to increase your storage without sacrificing much space is through the use of hanging shoe cabinets. These are often made of cloth, and they are designed to be draped over a door. By providing you with many different components, you can easily store many of the smaller items that can get lost or clutter your limited space. 

While you will not have a door to hang this on, there are usually support rods along the roof of the RV. These rods are in place to protect the occupants in the event of an accident, but they can also be used to hang the shoe cabinet. When doing this, make sure to secure the bottom of this device to prevent it from flapping around and spilling your items when you hit rough parts of the road or must stop suddenly. 

Class B RVs can are an excellent option for those that want an RV but lack the money to buy a full-sized one. While the space inside these vehicles is more limited, these two tips will help you get the most from the space that you do have.