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Using An Automotive Towing App: Exploring The Advantages And Disadvantages

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Many automotive towing companies are now offering mobile apps that allow their customers to connect with them in a whole new way. The question is, is using these apps a good idea or does it simply complicate the process of requesting a tow? By taking a moment to explore the advantages and disadvantages associated with these apps, you will be able to answer this question for yourself.

The Advantages

There are quite a few advantages that come along with choosing to use a mobile app when requesting an automotive tow. These advantages include:

  1. Location Tracking - Like many mobile apps, automotive towing apps will typically request permission to access your GPS data so that they can pinpoint your exact location. However, unlike other apps that simply use this information to find a location near you or to indicate where you are posting from, a towing company will use this information to locate your disabled vehicle. This feature can be especially beneficial for individuals who often travel to unfamiliar areas where they may struggle to provide the towing company with information concerning their current location.
  2. Online Payment - Towing apps provide you with the opportunity to pay for your services online rather than presenting the tow truck driver with cash or a check. For individuals who wish to pay with a credit or debit card, this method of payment will often prove far more convenient.
  3. Multitasking - Since you will not be required to actively communicate with another person in order to utilize these mobile apps, you will have the opportunity to multitask more effectively. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who must tend to the needs of children or other passengers after their vehicle has become disabled.

The Disadvantages

As with all towing options, there are also some disadvantages that come with choosing to use one of these mobile apps to contact your local towing company. These disadvantages include:

  1. Must Have Reliable Connection - As with all mobile apps, you will need a reliable internet connection to make use of an automotive towing app. If you do not have a smartphone, tablet, or other device which offers a reliable internet signal while on the go, the use of these apps will not be an option for you.
  2. Not Compatible With All Devices - Not all apps will be compatible with all operating systems or mobile devices. In some cases, this could prevent you from connecting with the towing company you prefer through the use of a mobile app.

The Bottom Line

If you are a tech savvy individual who prefers to connect via the web rather than talking on the phone, the use of a automotive towing app could be the perfect solution to your car towing needs. However, if you prefer the comfort of connecting directly to another person, picking up the phone and calling your local towing company (such as Big Ben's Towing & Recovery LLC) may still be the best option you have available to you.