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Three Important Things To Remember When It Comes To Your Transmission

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Since your car's transmission is one of the costliest parts to be repaired, you will especially want to pay attention to the tranny. Here are three important things to remember when it comes to your transmission.

Routine Maintenance

It is always the best policy to practice routine maintenance on your vehicle. Three parts of the transmission that will require routine maintenance include:

  • Transmission fluid - this liquid keeps all the moving parts of the transmission lubricated and working properly
  • Pan gasket - if this gets cracked or worn, transmission fluid can leak causing major mechanical problems
  • Transmission filter - when this gets clogged or dirty it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the transmission

It is always best to remove dirt and grime from around the transmission when these parts are being replaced or repaired to keep the engine running smoothly. Consult your owner's manual to find out when these parts need to be replaced. It will largely depend on whether or not your transmission is manual or automatic.

Don't Depend on the Warning Light on Your Dashboard

Too often, car owners wait until they see a warning light to come on in their dashboard before they pay any attention to their vehicle. If you do see a light come on in the dashboard, pay attention to which light it is and it will give you a clue to what is going on with your car. Most automobiles do not have a specific warning light for the transmission. If there is something wrong with this part of the vehicle, normally the check engine light comes on in the dashboard. If the light is yellow or orange, it means something needs to be serviced soon. If the light is flashing or red in color, you will want to contact a repairman right away as this could signify a serious problem.

Other Warning Signals

Any of the following warning signals should prompt you to take your car to a mechanic immediately for inspection or repair:

  • You hear strange noises like clunking or whining
  • You notice your car jerks
  • You smell something burning
  • Your car isn't running smoothly
  • Your car refuses to go into gear

Any of the above could indicate a serious problem with your transmission. Hopefully, though, if you practice routine maintenance and take your car in right away when the warning light comes on, you can avoid having your transmission costs from being too high. For more information, contact companies such as B G & S Transmissions