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How To Make Even The Worst Car Interior Look Better

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The quality of your car and how long it lasts will have a lot to do with whether you clean the interior of your car often enough. You might think that dirt simply affects how your interior looks, but dirt can also contain chemicals that can be very corrosive to your car interior. You will also need to take protective measures so that your car looks great on the inside when it comes time to sell it.

Read the Owner's Manual First

Prior to cleaning your interior, you will want to consult with the owner's manual. Today's auto parts are very sensitive and cleaners can surprisingly be damaging to your interior. When you do use a cleaning product, be sure to test it on an out-of-the-way area to make sure the product doesn't cause damage. Once you've found a product that works, stick with it.

Vacuum the Interior

Begin by vacuuming your seats. Vacuums are not harmful to the interior and can get much of the work done for you very quickly. When vacuuming:

  1. Vacuum the seats first

  2. Vacuum the mats next

  3. Remove the mats and vacuum underneath

Use Upholstery Cleaner

Your seats might have stains that can't be removed with a vacuum. Instead, you will need an upholstery cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the upholstery. Then, rub the area aggressively with a rag. Then, when the spot is gone, move onto another spot and use the same method.

Clean the Dashboard and Other Plastic and Vinyl Parts

Treat the vinyl parts of the car with a spray bottle containing water. Use a clean rag to wipe down these areas. Do not use a dirty rag because you will simply transfer the dirt to these parts of the car. Start with the cleanest areas of your car and work gradually to the dirtiest areas. Scrub hard to remove any grime that has accumulated and hardened.

Scrub Crevices with a Toothbrush

You might find crevices and cracks that are hard to reach. The best tools to get to these areas are paintbrushes and toothbrushes. Simply maneuver the head of the brush to the dirty area and scrub until you dislodge all debris. Also, a wire brush can reach the deepest crevices.

Remove Gum and Wax with Gum Remover

Some of the hardest things to remove are gum and hardened wax. If you are unfortunate enough to find this in your car, use chewing gum remover. This will freeze the gum and you can then scrape it away. Dry ice can also be effective at these materials.

No matter what shape your interior was in beforehand, it will look much better after you follow these steps. You can also go to a professional for auto detailing