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Removing A Vehicle From Your Yard

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If you have a vehicle that you will not longer be utilizing, you may be wondering what your options are to remove it from your property. There are a few alternatives you could look into to have an automobile safely removed and a few tips on how to go about having someone come to your home to take them for you.

Private Sales

You could try to sell your vehicle to have it removed. It would be up to the buyer to find a way to have it removed. Most likely you have already taken the car off of your registration and insurance, so the buyer would need to have these things done in order to drive it away safely. They could also hire a towing service to take it away from your property.


There are several non-profit organizations signed up to take junk vehicles away to exchange for money for their cause. These organizations can be found online, by looking automobile donation programs. You would receive tax papers so you can prove you had made a donation. You will feel proud that you have given your car to a good cause and the organization will send their own towing service to come to your home to take away your vehicle.

Auto Recycling

You can call an auto recycling center to come haul your vehicle away for you. They would send a tow truck to take your car to this center to be used for parts and scrap metal. This is a great way to have your car removed while recycling the parts for others to use. You will be doing your part environmentally to keep your vehicle from polluting the earth by sitting in a junk yard.


You may be able to get a few dollars for your vehicle by trading it in at an auto dealership. If your vehicle does not run, however, this may not be an option. Call the dealership in advance to find out what their policy is for vehicle trade-ins.

Private Donation

You may be able to find someone to haul away your vehicle for you if you decide to donate it for a town function, such as a drunk driving awareness program or a fire safety program. Both of these would be destroying the vehicle to show the public what a car would look like if it were to be in a fire or an accident. Often schools and fire departments will need vehicles for these types of events and they would gladly accept vehicle donations. Call your local school or fire department to see if they would have use for your vehicle.